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Better Software Solution started in January of 2002 in response to the lack of cost effective voice chat room solutions that were on the market. Our goal at Better Software solution has been to create a secure turn-key solution for today’s voice over IP problems. Specifically solving past failures to provide secure voice chat for websites causing countless headaches for webmasters today in the voice chat realm.

Better Software Solution has developed a revolutionary product, Voice4Web Version 1.0 that will allow companies and webmasters to voice enable their websites. Amongst other features, Voice4Web allows for full moderator support running directly in your website. A simple script that is placed in a website will instantly enable visitors to communicate with voice in real time. 

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  • Why choose voice4web:

    • Voice4web offers high quality voice over ip for your website.

    • Voice4web is very easy to use. All a user has to do is press the talk button and start talking
    • Voice4web offers webmasters flexibility in integrating the voice4web control in their websites. Webmaster can control the color, icons and the layout of the voice chat.
    • Voice4web control is easy to install. It takes few seconds to download and install the voice4web plug in.
    • Full moderator support that allows you to perform functions like kick, ban, mute, mute forever, exit browser and much more.

    • Quality support that will answer your questions and help integrate the voice chat in your website.

Voice4web offers high quality voice chat. A customizable voice control and excellent customer support. We can also customize our voice products to meet any customer need. Our voice chat product can be integrated with any registration and database